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This ‘About’ is about me and about the blog – enablingoccupationaltherapy – or easier to read – enabling occupational therapy.  I struggled with the name for the blog and may change it at some point.  (Feel free to make suggestions.)  I initially chose ‘enabling occupational therapy’ because it sounded more positive than ‘non-oppressive occupational therapy’.  I started this blog as an attempt to connect with other occupational therapists who – like me – are trying to ensure that our practices don’t unintentionally contribute to the oppression of disabled people.  I want to celebrate my clients’ lives including – when appropriate – their impairments.  This is easier said than done.  My hope is that by connecting with therapists who have similar struggles, we can support and yes, challenge each other to fully encourage and partner with our clients to make our communities inclusive.

About me: My name is Sheila (Howick) Hamilton.  I have worked as an occupational therapist – in a few different jobs – since 1984.  I have lived in a small town in northern British Columbia (Canada) since 1988.  I was able to stay here while completing my masters degree (except for in-person defense of my thesis) because of the internet.  I look forward to enlarging my circle of OTs using this tool.

Please feel free to introduce yourself in a comment.  You don’t have to be an occupational therapist.  This can be an inclusive community, too. 

My post entitled ‘possible future’ may be an even better description of who I am and what I hope this blog can be.  Head over there for a read when you have a chance.

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