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Acceptance. No. Celebration

November 8, 2012

Español: (Original) Diversidad étnica de un co...

Español: (Original) Diversidad étnica de un colegio de Lima, distrito de Surco, Perú (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am repeating myself but I am going to write a bit about acceptance today.

There is such a thing as “Locked-in syndrome” in which a person feels trapped inside their immobile body. Once a way is found for that person to communicate, they often think and communicate in a way that most people think is “normal”. I do not know a lot about this syndrome so won’t add too much about this topic, today.

Unfortunately many people believe that “trapped inside” every disabled child is a “normal” child trying to get out. Before I continue, I will say that I believe that communication is important for most if not all humans. Working really, really hard to find a way for all people to communicate is valuable work.

However. There is always the however, it seems. However, I do not believe that there is a typically developing child “imprisoned” inside the disabled children with whom I work.

The children I serve are who they are with their impairments. I worry that it is insulting to them that we adults are always trying to assist these children to improve. As if they are not their perfect selves already.

I help my relatively “typical” daughters to improve their school, home, and community living skills. Sometimes children with impairments need more supports to do this. They deserve the extra help that may be required. I guess I become concerned when we “push” disabled children more than we push typically developing children.

I often use the analogy that for “John” to do that school work is like me attending a university level physics course. Or I liken “Sally” doing that activity to Sally participating in an Olympic sport.

There is daily acceptance for the fact that I can’t do university level physics or Olympic rowing. I am accepted for being an average woman living an average life.

Let’s accept disabled children as they are. Their bodies aren’t prisons for other children. They are who they are. They contribute their colours to the rainbow of humanity. Let’s support them to give. Let’s celebrate them and the rainbow of humanity.

Signed, Hokey Sheila



  1. yes it could.

  2. Yes, I agree. Many people who believe they are average are actually shiner than average when they are celebrated just as they are. Celebrating every one of us just as we are – well, that could change the world, couldn’t it?

  3. Well, I really think you should take up Olympic Rowing… heh

    I love this entry. We all shine when who we are is celebrated.
    signed Hokey Noreen

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