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October 15, 2012
In My Room from the Bully Series

In My Room from the Bully Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am moved to write out – speak out – against bullying and the tolerance of bullying.  Bullying can lead to suicide.  Bullying is WRONG.  Bullying is wrong even if it doesn’t lead to suicide.

Why do people believe that it is OK to be rude and mean to anyone?  Sometimes the people who bully have been hurt by others.  This may make it easier for us to understand why they bully.  So what?!  It doesn’t make it right.  People who abuse children are more likely to have been abused when they were children.  Do we say “Oh ‘adults who were abused children’ will be ‘adults who were abused as children’.  (Kids will be kids.)  No harm done.”?  No, we hold them accountable for their actions and we protect children from the abuser.  We need to protect children from bullies.  Period.

I have been a bully.  It was wrong.  I am very sorry.  I will never bully again.  There is no excuse. Ever.

Discomfort is not an excuse.  Fear of being associated with someone who is considered a geek (or any other negative word) is not an excuse.

If you bully.  Stop.  Say you are sorry and make amends.

If you see bullying, stop it.  I know that sometimes it takes huge courage and bravery to stand up for someone who is being bullied.  It is very scary.  Please try.  I will.



I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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