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Care enhancing relationships

September 22, 2012

Shaving. Some people would consider this a personal topic. So if you are a pretty private person, you may want to skip this blog post. I remember being a young teenager wishing I needed to shave my legs. Silly me. I had blonde hair but I shaved away. I thought it made me older. More of a woman.

Shaving (faces as well as legs) is a form of care with which some disabled people require assistance. Two caregivers I know of seem to especially like providing this type of care to their loved ones. Is it because it is intimate? Is it because the care recipient needs to trust the caregiver not to harm them?

Intimacy and trust are very important aspects of close relationships. Providing and receiving care when intimacy and trust are involved must enhance relationships. Or at least, it appears to have the potential to enhance relationships.

I have written about care before and some of you have shared your stories about how giving care enhanced your lives. I write this short post to see if it triggers memories/thoughts/discussion about how the intimacy of care can be a positive experience for both parties in the care relationship. Please share.



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