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September 2, 2012

I’m waiting for my daughter to get ready and then we will go and move her into her university dorm.  I am grateful that we are able to support her to attend university in a different community because we don’t have one in our small community. 

So I wanted to just add a thought about the summer camp I mentioned in my last post.  The camp was segregated in that we only invited one child to attend who wasn’t served by our centre.  I have concerns about segregation but there were compelling reasons to hold this camp – that I will share in another post (unless my daughter takes a really long time to get ready).

Though the camp was segregated, we had some community members come out to assist with a couple of activities.  It turned out that this was a great way to work towards inclusion.  Two adults who helped ended up seeing the strengths of the children.  In fact the campers’ strengths somewhat hid their challenges.  I believe that those adults have a better understanding of people with impairments and may be less likely to disable them in the future.  What do you think?



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