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It’s About Ability

August 15, 2012

 I have tried to make this post is a little easier to read.

 I found this booklet on the internet.

The booklet is called “It’s About Ability”. The booklet is about rights of disabled people. It is written for children. But the author does not talk down to the reader. So if you are an adult who finds reading hard, you might like this booklet.

Some things that the booklet says that I like:

  • Every person in the world looks different and has different ideas, experiences, traditions and abilities.”
  • I learned that these differences create new possibilities, new hopes, new dreams, and new friendships.”
  • The differences among the people of our world are a treasure for all to appreciate and share.”

These sentences are from page 5 of the booklet.

The booklet is about rules for governments. There are rules about human rights – how all people should be treated. This booklet “It’s About Ability” is not about new or different rights. The booklet is about rules to make sure that these rights are the same for disabled people as for people who are not disabled.

 I am sad that we need a whole bunch of rules to remind us to treat everyone with dignity. But we do.

 Another thing that the booklet says that I like:

  • We believe that we should accept “people with disabilities as part of human diversity”. (page 9). This means that there is nothing wrong with disabled people.

    Other things I like:

  • The rules say that disabled people – including young people – have the same rights to sex education and to marry and start a family. This can be hard for parents and other people who care about disabled young people to accept. Reminding them that this is a basic human right and is a United Nations rule might help.
  • Once they are old enough, disabled people have the right to vote or to be elected to a government. This leads me to my last point.

     The booklet says “Stand up for your rights.” “You have a great contribution to make.”

What do you think about the booklet? What do you think about the things I’ve said here?

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