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Is this easier to read? About friends.

July 17, 2012

I wrote about a web site last April 9. The web site is called I Belong!.

This web site was made by L’Arche Canada. L’Arche Canada is a big group that makes little groups of disabled people. One or more helpers live with each little group of disabled people.

Some people who work for L’Arche Canada get paid. Some people do not. They are volunteers.

The workers and volunteers at L’Arche Canada want to be friends with people with developmental disabilities. They also want to make it easier for people with developmental disabilities to make other friends.

The workers and volunteers made a website called “I Belong!”

There are videos on this website. The people in the videos talk about being a friend.

I liked some of the videos. You might like them too.

Do you want to look at the videos? If yes, click your mouse on the next group of letters.

Most of the people with developmental disabilities that I know are good at being friends.

I think that people who do not have developmental disabilities should watch the videos.

What do you think?

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