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Gifts of diversity

July 8, 2012
Southern Hemisphere Moon

Southern Hemisphere Moon (Photo credit: marksmanuk)

It is my youngest daughter’s birthday today. We call her out gift from god. I am so happy she was born. I am so happy she was conceived after we used the second most extreme form of birth control – the first being abstinence.

Talking about abstinence – the teen years have their challenges – for example my youngest has had a boyfriend for a year now but she gets straight As. My middle daughter doesn’t have a boyfriend (phew) but well let’s just say she didn’t have physical education this semester so no A on this report card for her. Yes these years have their challenges but my daughters’ adult years are in sight. My step-children have great jobs and my eldest daughter just got her N. For those of you not from British Columbia that essentially means she has her driver’s license now. Yay!! My chauffeur duties have already decreased.

But back to my youngest daughter. I love all of my children and step-children. However on the occasion of Rae’s birthday I will list the things that are special about her:

  • when she smiles her whole face smiles
  • she is very sensitive to others’ feelings so is very caring and very forgiving
  • she rarely has anything negative to say about anyone
  • she is so loving that people adopt her into their families
  • she is so loving that regardless of above, she hangs out with me and the rest of her own family

 I know that this post doesn’t really fit into the theme of this blog but I am enjoying my daughter so much on her birthday that I couldn’t think of anything else to write about. I guess I could make a bit of a leap and say “Let’s remember that everyone is a gift. Let’s remind ourselves to be grateful for the diversity of humankind. Let’s make this a world where all births are viewed as gifts.” This means that those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere need to be conscious of how our actions and our inaction affects those who live in the Southern hemisphere. There I have an idea for my next blog post. “See” you tomorrow.

 Happy birthday everyone!!


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