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Dancing painter: Disability discussion analysis

April 15, 2012

Today I am going to start by describing how my very good friend, a painter and a painting teacher, looks at her canvases and the canvases of her students. A fellow painter has described my friend as a dancing painter. She backs up far away from her canvas and then moves closer. She moves to one side and then the other. She even turns the canvases upside down or sideways to get a new and different perspective. I have watched her do this when assisting a student with his canvas. It was a beautiful dance.

 I am not a painter but I want to emulate my good friend. I attempt to do this by critically looking at issues that impact disabled people. It is my belief that disabled people are oppressed in our culture. (For more about my culture, please read post entitled “Friendship – dissolving us and them”.) I believe that domination is reinforced by public and private discussions about disabled people – by what is left out and by what ideas are linked. I appreciate having those missing pieces pointed out to me. I like to be able to look at the discussions and the issues from different perspectives – to turn the discourse (discussion) “upside down”.

 I am doing that dance with this blog. I am writing about disability in ways that challenge all of us (me included) to consider new possibilities – new ways to “paint” and create.

 I invite you to look at my blog posts “sideways” and share with me what you see.


Go to to see the dancing painter’s canvases.


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I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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