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Murder is murder unless you’re a soldier, a state executioner, or a parent of a disabled person

April 13, 2012

I know my blog post title is controversial. I will be honest that I am a little nervous about writing a controversial post. However, I am going to push through that nervousness. Tracy Latimer no longer has the luxury of being nervous. Tracy Latimer does not have her own website. She is dead. The man who killed her – her father, Robert Latimer, has a web site (as I came across today). The purpose of his web site appears to be to justify his action and to complain about his jail sentence. I won’t give you a link to his web site. You can find it easily by “googling” his name.

 I remember when Latimer killed his daughter. The primary discussion I heard at that time was that his daughter Tracy was in pain and that she and her family did not get adequate services. I believed that her family may not have received the services they needed just as many disabled children and their families do not receive the services and supports they need today. However, I was sceptical that Tracy was in so much pain that she needed to be “put out of her misery”. I wish I had had the courage to question that point when people spoke about how Tracy’s father wasn’t a criminal. I remember agreeing that Robert Latimer was probably not a risk to society. He wouldn’t kill anyone else. However, I have now changed my mind. I think Robert Latimer is a danger to society. He has a web site whose purpose is to justify his murder of his daughter. I don’t have a web site but I have this blog. I am here to say that it is murder to kill a person. Period.

 I am in no position to judge parents who live with children who face the many challenges that Tracy faced. However, I do judge murderers and if they are also parents… well they are still murderers. I am sorry if I sound self-righteous. That is not my intent. My intent is to counter the mainstream belief that murdering disabled people is justified.



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