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L’Arche – Who really needs the programs?

April 9, 2012

 Time for another blog post. Sometimes feelings, thoughts and ideas simmer in my mind for a long time before I feel able to articulate them. I have been happy and excited spending time with people who have much to say about life – life with an impairment but more than that. Life in which the focus is staying healthy and emotionally well in order to interact positively with people. Life in which we follow our dreams and contribute without sacrificing our well-being.

 I have been spending time with people in person and on the internet. The internet is a wonderful society full of different communities. I don’t think it can replace in-person interaction but it can enhance our lives. is a website established by L’Arche Canada. I was reminded of L’Arche today by a skiing friend. L’Arche creates communities for disabled people. They offer much for me to think about. But today I want to focus on the website I posted above. This website was established by L’Arche to assist people with developmental disabilities to develop and maintain friendships. Approximately half of Canadian children with developmental disabilities have no friends. Learning this fact spurs the OT in me to establish some program to address this. But it spurs my essence to be open to friendships with more people. A part of me feels that the people with developmental disabilities don’t need the programs. Those of us who don’t have developmental disabilities need the programs. What do you think?



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