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recycling – not really – just more about inclusion and exclusion

March 27, 2012

I have decided to post a comment that I made on my own blog.  (I know.  How egotistical can I get?)

I’m leaving a comment on my own blog.  A little odd I know, but it is in response to a verbal comment I received about this post.  Someone said that they thought I was taking things too far because really where would a person in a wheelchair fit into the movie’s story?  At the time, I had no response. I do not think quickly on my feet but here is my response now.  Oh, before I do that, I am definitely not stating that this particular author and screenwriter ‘should’ have included people with impairments in their story.  In my original post, I was just meandering from thinking about a specific movie to thinking about popular movies in general. 

So here goes my response to the verbal comment, there were many places disabled people or people with impairments could have figured in the story.  That said, even if I wasn’t creative enough to think of where they could have been in the story, that doesn’t mean that I am taking the idea of inclusion too far.  It is just a reflection of how our culture doesn’t try very hard to include everyone.  In fact, our culture is sometimes very creative in figuring out ways to exclude and to oppress people who stray too far from the norm but that is a topic for a future blog.  What do you think?  Have I gone too far?

  1. Sheila Hamilton permalink

    I seem to be having some difficulties commenting on your comment, Miriam. Hopefully it works this time. I agree with you that the intention to include people with autism (and amazing intelligence) in movies is not really inclusion. I hope that it does raise awareness but I sometimes worry that it may contribute to stigma for people with autism who do have unamazing intellingence (that is: average or below average). I hope not.

  2. Miriam permalink

    I think you are right about more inclusion of people with differing abilities. One thing is kind of strange though is that lots more people with autism are now in movies but they seem to be the very high functioning ones with the quirky social skills and amazing intelligence. It doesn’t seem so much to include as to amaze people. I guess it raises awareness of at least one kind of autism.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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