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airplane articles & BC teachers’ job action

March 12, 2012

I read a couple of articles on the plane to Mexico.  Yes, I know.  I am a nerd.  One of the articles was about labeling/diagnosis.  As I read about the negative implications of labels, I perceive myself to be anti-label.  Yet as I mentioned in a previous post, I sometimes catch myself wondering why parents deny that their child has a condition for which there is a label.  This article and the book I mentioned previously (Reconstructing motherhood in the age of perfect babies by Gail Heidi Landsman) remind me that parents are in an uneviable position.  They don’t want to cause harm by allowing their children to be labelled.  Yet, they are frequently unable to access services and supports for their children without labels.  Chronic underfunding to public schools contributes to needing a label to access services.

It is interesting that I am writing about this at a time that my province’s teachers’ are participating in job action that is, at least in part, caused by chronic public school underfunding.  My dream is that services and supports could be available to all children as they needed them.

This is the article to which I am referring.  Perlin, M. (2009). “Simplify You, Classify You”: Stigma, Stereotypes and Civil Rights in Disability Classification Systems.” Georgia State University Law Review: Vol. 25: Iss 3, Article 6.

I believe it is available at:

If you are able to read it, let me know what you think.

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