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adventure therapy – health research

March 11, 2012
Cenote, Mexico

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Learning to use a blog is challenging for me – a person who typed my university papers on an electric typewriter.  However, I will learn to better use this wonderful tool for connecting and sharing.  In the meantime, I suggest you look for me on facebook – Sheila Howick Hamilton – and see a You Tube video that I would like to share.  I found the video while looking for information on adventure therapy.  As I said in my facebook post, I really enjoyed activities like rapeling into a cenote (underground water hole) to swim while I was in Mexico.  I am usually a chicken about such things but somehow being in Mexico freed me to thoroughly enjoy them. 

I have always known that doing outdoor activities is good for my well-being and when I did my masters research I found that many people (at least people living in northern BC) found that to be true for them too.  Anyways, quite a few posts ago I mentioned that one of the presentations at the upcoming Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists conference was going to be about adventure therapy.  So today, I looked for some information about adventure therapy on-line.

I found information about a program called Power to Be that provides outdoor recreational activities for children and youth with impairments or challenges.  I also found a related video by a health researcher.  He expresses tactfully my concerns that there seems to be lots of funding for research to find cures for impairments but much less funding for research to assist those of us who aren’t cured to live good quality lives.  That research will help me both personally and professionally.  I want to be a resource to the families I serve to help them to find a way to live well in a society and culture that disables people who deviate too far from the norm.  Do we really all want to be the same?

Until I figure out how to embed that Youtube video in this post, please go to facebook to find the link to it and happy viewing!

Sheila Howick Hamilton (northern ot)


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  1. Welcome to blogging! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. I have certainly learned a lot through my blog.

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