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February 20, 2012
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In an earlier post, I stated that I would describe my view of how I would like to see our society look specifically – but not only – with disabled people in mind. Below is that view or vision. I write it and post it in the hope of attracting people who have similiar perspectives so that we might connect, share, learn and grow together.

I have a vision of a society in which those of us with impairments (physical, intellectual, emotional, etc.) are full participants. We will belong and we will contribute. Those of us with impairments will no longer be disabled by mainstream society. However, it isn’t that we will be included because of ‘tolerance’ from those without impairments. We will transform society by having our views, needs, and contributions included in how ‘things run’. I believe that our society will be better when we include all people in ways that allow all of us to be who we are – just the way we are. We will value all people and strive to understand them even when this means shifting long-held beliefs and paradigms. It will take a type of revolution for society to change in this way. A revolution in which I wish to be a participant – even a leader when that is appropriate. A revolution that requires courage but also kindness. We will need to kind as we communicate in a more open and honest manner.

My vision is of a society in which those who currently work too much, work less, and those who currently don’t have the opportunity to work enough, work more. It will be more than including more people with impairments in the workforce. It will be about a workforce and workplaces in which none of us feel overworked and none of us feel under-valued. We will all contribute. Competition will be less important and cooperation, consensus and creation will be more important.

Families will be different, too. Families can continue to be sanctuaries but they can be less closed. We will help each other more and not expect families to “take care of their own” as much. We will experience a wider variety of connections. I can’t describe all of the details of this vision because I’m not going to create it on my own. How things will look depends upon the ideas of those others with whom I stand.

Paid work and the market economy will not be so central to the society that I envision as it is to our current society. Art, music, drama, fiction, poetry, crafting, growing, cooking/baking,and all forms of creating will be highly valued – not only the products but also the processes. Creativity will continue as an individual pursuit but new group creative endeavours will also flourish.

I envision myself learning and growing with others as we explore and discover ways we can all contribute and new ways in which we can be welcoming and feel included.

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