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occupational therapy conference

February 12, 2012
Kitimat, British Columbia Location

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The last time I was in Quebec City it was late winter/early spring.  It would be nice to go back in late spring/early summer.  Quebec City is where the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) annual conference will be held this June.  I hadn’t even considered going because it is so far away.  (I live on the west coast of Canada.)  However, the conference program looks so interesting.  There will be a presentations on the Capabilities Approach (Nussbaum) and a presentation taking a critical look at how highly we value independence.  There will be a presentation on occupational justice and one on service learning experiences.  There will be a presentation cultural humility – a term I have not heard before but that intrigues me.  There will be more than one presentation on Disability Studies.  I would love to learn about all of these ideas but I will have to do it from my lap top in Kitimat.

I will try to share what I learn through this blog.  In the mean time if any readers are members of CAOT, I suggest you take a look at the conference program at  Please share your thoughts on the conference or on any of the above-listed topics.

Sheila (that’s me – northernot)

  1. Noreen permalink

    Can you post links to some of those videos?

  2. It would probably take a better imagination than I have in order to be able to figure out what it would take for me to go 😉

    I have been doing a little travelling on the internet. I have found some videos on YouTube about cultural humility. Cultural humility is knowing your own cultures and values well so that you are aware of how they may impact your interactions with other people – especially people you consider “other”. Continuous self-reflection is required in order to interact respectfully – especially in therapist-client relationships. Whether we want it or not, occupational therapists usually have the ‘power’ in our relationships with the people we serve. I use that phrase “the people we serve” to remind me that it is my job to ensure that my clients know that they are in charge of where our relationship goes. I have a body of knowledge and skills that they may not have but they know if they want or need what I have to offer.

    Anyways, I will continue my “travelling” in order to learn more about cultural humility. I’d love to hear from any readers about your ideas on this topic.


  3. Noreen permalink

    What an opportunity to learn and connect! What would it take for you to go?

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