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January 23, 2012

I can’t say that anything profound came out of me considering Einstein’s quote (see sharing a quote post) other than I find myself paying more attention to what the children I work with are good at.  I will continue with seeing how the quote may change how I do what I do.

Another quote I would like to share is from a book called Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through Autism by Dawn Prince-Hughes (2004).  “When I meet the family members of someone with autism who haven’t told their loved one – usually a child – of the diagnosis it perturbs me, because they want to “avoid labels”.  I can assure you that not only does the autistic person always know they are different, they suffer deeply from not knowing why….. other people definitely are labeling them – and usually without the compassion that real education would bring.”  The author goes on to say that the family members usually want to save their family member from the stigma of the diagnosis but that the person with autism has likely already experienced stigma associated with their  autism related behaviour.

I share this quote because it reflects the side of me that believes that diagnoses can be helpful for some people.  I also believe that diagnoses can lead to problems so I am open to hearing what others may think about this.


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