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A mother’s perspective

January 16, 2012

Hello, I have listed a web address below with some instructions because I am still learning how to link this blog to others.  I wanted to share “squidalicious’s” post because she talks briefly about the usefullness of labels and/or diagnoses and their limits.  It was refreshing to read a blog that focuses on accepting a child with autism as he is.  Not trying to fix his autism but trying to best understand him so that his life and their family’s life can be fulfilling and satisfying for all of them.  I would argue that this also allows her son to develop so that in the present and the future, he can contribute to his community – not necessarily with paid work though that is always a possibility.

In the the same squidalicious post, she talks about professionals whose focus is to demonstrate their knowledge.  I find that I have to actively resist this desire to show people my knowledge when really my goal is to share my knowledge when it is helpful but to actively problem solve together in order to find solutions that are in the child’s best interests.

Read some of squidalicious’s posts and share thoughts and questions.  Scroll down to ‘My must read posts’.  Read the first post.

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